Cuckold Phone Sex and Slut Wife Fantasies with Catherine

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It turns you on to think of yourself as a cuckold, doesn't it? I understand, it's hard to talk about with your wife or girlfriend. Maybe she doesn't understand why it turns you on so much to think of her being pleasured by another man. So you have to explore your cuckold fantasies in other ways. Cuckold phone sex is a great way to explore your cuckold fantasies.

Among the many cuckolds I've talked to, it seems there are two sides of the spectrum, with cuckolds falling to different points on this cuckold spectrum. Some enjoy the humiliation of being cuckolded. They are made to be cuckold slaves, helping their wife/girlfriend/Mistress get ready for her much-better-endowed lovers. Some lucky cuckolds even get to watch their cuckolding Woman being serviced and pleasured by this big cock stud. The luckiest of cuckolds even get to help, which can involve being a fluffer (getting the big dicked lover ready for
their Woman), or being used for clean up duty afterward - cuckold creampie anyone?

Other cuckolds and cuckold husbands enjoy a cuckolding scenario that doesn't involve any humiliation or service. They simply enjoy watching as their woman is brought to orgasm after orgasm by another man. They find their woman so hot to look at, that they just want to sit back and watch as another man services her sexually. They find their woman so sexy and deserving, that they know she will never be satisfied with just one man. She needs many cocks. Perhaps you like to think of your slutwife as an insatiable cockslut, and it turns you on immensely to be able to think of her satisfying this need.

Call for a cuckold phone sex session and explore your own cuckold fantasies.

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